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Multi-functional high quality car safety kit to prevent secondary car accident
LED signal + seat belt cutter + window hammer + magnet + foldable
Style : mobile safety kit
Material : Plastic(PC,ABS)
Place of origin : Gumi, South Korea
Brand Name : PURA KOREA
Model Number : I.SAVE.U
Color : white
Usage : roadside emmergency signal
Shape : rectangle
Name : I.SAVE.U. car safety kit
Feature : LED arrow signal + seat belt cutter + window hammer + magentic + certificated KC
Certification : certified
Composition : 1 LED signal + window hammer with seatbelt cutter
Package : blister + Card
Size : 157 x 47 x 44mm and varies
Payment : 100% Payment before shipment: DHL, FedEx, ups and etc
Product differentiation / features
What makes PURA GATE different?
  • Accident indicator, escape hammer, seat belt cutter set
  • Easy to use (open, turn and paste)
  • Small size that can be stored anywhere inside the vehicle
  • LED accident indicator
  • Can be mounted on a vehicle with a built-in magnet
  • Minimize the time for preventive measures for secondary accident
  • For gift and promotion
  • Design differentiation possible with various colors and prints


How to use the I SAVE U main body
  • Open the I SAVE U body until you hear a click sound.
  • Press the power button and check that the light is on, then spread out both wings.
  • The arrow-shaped body is firmly attached to the exterior of the vehicle.
Tips for dealing with a car accident
  • Use the safety hammer combined with the I SAVE U body to hit the lower edge of the car glass. Hit one spot several times to completely remove the window and escape.
  • Cut the seat belt against the cutter blade.
Add : #311,61, Daehak-ro, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
(Keumo institute of Technology incubation Center, Venture Entrepreneurship Center, Yangho-dong)
TEL : +82-70-7766-9610 / FAX : +82-50-4368-9610
E-MAIL : purabpura@gmail.com
Website: www.purakorea.net

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