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Twin oxide
  • Product: TwinOxide (EPA Reg.No. 86054-1)
  • Main component : chlorine dioxide 99.9% (TwinOxide 0.3% solution)
  • Eco-friendly and no production of carcinogenic or undesirable disinfection by-products
  • Manufactured in The Netherlands
  • perfect solution to remove biofilm and effective against all micro-organisms
  • Stronger, faster and efficacious microbiological destruction within a wide range of pH-value (pH 4-10).
  • Disinfectant for (drinking) water, air and surface, fruit and vegetable, livestock, kitchen equipment etc.
  • Use: Water down concentrate according to purposes and contamination levels
Add : #311,61, Daehak-ro, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
(Keumo institute of Technology incubation Center, Venture Entrepreneurship Center, Yangho-dong)
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