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Establishment of a thorough quarantine system
Development and manufacture of a walk-through quarantine system to establish a quarantine system
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Pura Walk Through Sterilizer with TwinOxide
Purah walk-through quarantine implements complete quarantine by forming ultra-fine aeration, and pre-emptive quarantine is carried out when entering collective facilities for group quarantine. In addition, it is a quarantine system that minimizes the resistance or discomfort of the people who are affected by the disinfectant by not getting wet or wet due to the formation of ultrafine particles.
Aeration Quarantine
The aeration quarantine, consisting of nozzles, stands, supply containers, compressors, sensing sensors, and design booths, is an air exposure-based spray system with a size of 1.8*1.5*2.2M (L,W,H).
It is a quarantine device for a walk-through system that forms an ultra-fine quarantine zone by nozzle injection inside the wall with air nozzle and solution blocking function. The design booth allows you to adjust the size and color depending on where you use it, so you can harmonize with the surrounding environment and perform interior functions. Easy quarantine system can be established by installing it at the entrance to multi-use facilities such as schools and government offices.
Twin oxide
0.3% chlorine dioxide with sincerity
There is no free chlorine generation, ensuring human stability, and there is no secondary super bacterium generation due to resistance. Also, the carcinogenic substance thm is not produced and is harmless to the human body. It provides excellent sterilizing power for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and others, and is a harmless safe substance used to prevent fungus (fungus, anthrax, bacteria, etc.) viruses in 72 countries around the world.
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Currently, PURA walk-through disinfection system is being introduced in various places such as schools, government offices, etc.
PURA GATE @ government sport facilities
PURA GATE @ sample house, city media center
PURA GATE @ local night/ flea market
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